Inspiring Vacation

My family took a vacation over the summer to a little town called Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We drove through a whole lot of farmland, and also a whole lot of nothing. Suddenly we came to Steamboat Springs and we are at a tourist destination.

Steamboat Springs is the cutest place! It has a free little shuttle bus that ran through the town. There were galleries, shops for browsing, gardens, and a great Saturday Farmer’s Market.

The family met Abraham Lincoln,

 photo 4b1af121-5125-4a55-917b-f51ed0a454c2.jpg


 photo 859b535d-7eb6-4ce4-8f61-aac91c12d3db.jpg

and Ben.

 photo 9927edc1-99c6-4491-9d4d-7657e8c75a90.jpg

Little Bear played cowboy.


His older brother thought he was much too big for that! In fact, he refused to be in any pictures at all.

Saturday happen to be the first day we were there. We visited the Farmer’s Market.

The Farmer’s Market was such a cool experience. There were lots of people and vendors of all types. There was live music.

My jaw dropped when I spied a 10′ by 10′ tent full of recycled goods. I begged Mr to watch both the kids so I shop. I would have purchased half the booth if I could have!

 photo 9ee3b630-3108-43d3-83bd-6c6695ce65ad.jpg

I had to decide on my favorite item. I love this skirt! I get complimented on it all the time. It is a reversible wrap skirt. It was made from recycled sari dresses by village women in India. I believe that income is beneficial to their village, and besides, this is just beautiful!

As I was purchasing it, I was chatting at the poor woman at the booth about how I used to do more upcycling. I made bags, shirts, arm warmers, etc., and was featured in a publication, (but all that is a whole other story!)

We went home from our trip and I kept thinking about upcycling. My ADD brain was totally persevering on it! Many weeks went by and I could not stop thinking about it. I formulated a business plan of publishing a upcycling book.

I made samples and approached a publishing company. They are interested in my “Upcycle How-To” syle book idea, but they want to see more. More upcycles, more upcyclers being inspired.

This is my mission with To spread upcycle awesomeness! Upcycle Shed is the spot for inspiring tutorials and ideas! Come see my blog every Friday for a tutorial on making an upcycle project that is functional, and often quite beautiful.


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