Tutorial: How to make a Country Lunch Sack

This sack comes in handy for taking lunch on the go. It can be made with just the shell made of jeans, or you can add on the oil cloth lining as I have done here. To wash this bag, remove lining, machine wash and dry the shell. Oil cloth lining is surface washable only.

Step 1: Cut out the parts.

Remove pocket from back of jeans.

From wide leg cut 2 rectangles, 16″ by 9.5″. These will be the front and back.

Cut 2 rectangles, 16″ by 8″ as the sides. Cut 2 9.5″ by 8″ pieces for the bottom of bag.

Optional: The lining measurements are this:
Front/back: 15″ by 9″
Sides: 15″ by 7.5″
Bottom: 9″ by 7.5″


Step 2: Sew on velcro.

Sew 3 pieces of 1″ sew-on velcro 1 1/2″ down from the top of bag on wrong side. Do this on both front and back pieces.

(Note: 3 pieces, (front and back) are needed for basic bag. When adding a lining, 6 pieces are needed, and in above step, you would sew six pieces total of just the soft side of velcro.)

On the front of bag: Secure pocket toward the bottom. Sew one 1 1/2″ piece of one side of the velcro and secure 5″ down from top. It should be vertical and equal distance from sides.

On the back: Sew the other side of the 1 1/2″ strip 2 1/4 inch from the top. Make sure it lines up with the front- as far as distance from the sides goes.


Step 3: Sew the shell of bag together

Putting right sides together, sew the front to side, side to back, back to side. Then sew together the front and last side.

Baste together the two pieces of bag bottom and pin to the bottom of bag. Sew and trim corners.

Optional: Zig zag stitch over all seams.


Step 4: Hem top of bag.

Fold down top edge to inside, until it barely touches top of velcro. Sew.


Step 5: Top stitch the side corners of bag.

First, turn bag right side out.

The fabric will be thick; just go as far as your sewing machine foot will allow you. This will give bag more definition.


Step 6: Sew together lining, if using.

Remember that the lining stays wrong side-out.

Hem the top, this time folding over just 1/2″ and sewing it to outside. (The wrong side.)

Secure the other sides of the 6 velcro strips. Line them up with the soft sides on shell. I matched the velcro on lining to velcro stitching on outside of shell before sewing.


Step 7: Hand stitch top corners.

Place lining in bag (if using.)

Use a regular sewing needle to sew corners where they would naturally fold if it was a paper bag. Make stitches a mere anchor at the top; they should not prevent the lining from coming out.



Roll top of bag down tightly until the velcro on front/back are secured. All done!




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