Tutorial: How to make a Minion Gift Jar

There are few things that drive me more crazy like not being able to recycle glass.

I grew up in a very beautiful place near Portland, Oregon. The air was moist and smelled like earth.

It was normal for homeowners to not have installed lawn sprinklers, because the grass stayed green all year. Well, except for August. In August it actually didn’t rain almost everyday.

Recycling glass was the norm. There was a bin for clear, and one for colored glass. That’s the way it was.

When I became “all gown up” I moved to the desert. I do not regret the fact that I see the sun for most of the year. That is OK with me, but I still have a bone to pick in the glass recycling department.




The nice thing about many of the glass products that pass through our hands is that they are reusable. This spaghetti sauce jar, for example. It is a thick mason that can be reused for canning.

Today we are going to do something different for Halloween. This clean spaghetti sauce jar is going to be upcycled into a Minion Gift Jar.

That’ll be a conversation piece on your friend’s work desk this season!




Step 1: Paint the jar lid

Spray paint the lid white. Allow it to dry.

Use acrylic craft paint to paint it yellow.

Use a black permanent marker to make vertical lines on lid for his “hair.”







Step 2: Assemble pieces for the eye

You will need 3 pieces, the outer edge being a metallic color, the inner being white, and the pupil of the eye being black.

My minion eye used a metal juice concentrate lid, a small white plastic container that was cut down in height, and a lid to a little grey film canister.

Be creative and find your own upcycles for your minion eye in your home or your friend’s home.  Stop by a photo processing center and ask them for any empty film canisters they may have.


Step 3: Cut out pieces

Cut a black strip of black polyester fabric or maybe even recycled felt that is 1.5″ wide and long enough to wrap around the jar and overlap 1″.

Cut a mouth that is about  2  3/4″ by 1″ out of black fabric that will not unravel too easily. I made this one out of a scrap of black fleece.

Cut white teeth from felt, the edge of some junk mail,  inner side of milk carton, etc.

Cut a very small white circle from the same source for an “eye sparkle.”



Step 4: Glue it all together

Glue together the eye, starting with juice lid base, and gluing first the white cap, the black cap, then eye sparkle. 

Glue on the head band. Put a dot on the back of jar where you want it to go. Glue the center of the strip there. Wrap the sides around, overlap them and secure with glue in the front.

Glue the eye over the overlapping band in front.

Glue the teeth onto the mouth and secure the mouth onto the jar underneath the eye.

Many types of glue would probably work for this project. The sample shown here was made with a hot glue gun.




Step 5: Fill with yellow candy and enjoy

This sample is filled with the large size Lemon Heads.

Be creative! There are probably many different types of candies out there that will taste good and lend this guy his yellow color.

Surprise a friend this month with this gift jar. He is full of personality and sure to bring a smile this Halloween.


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