Tutorial: How to make a Halloween Mask

This mask project is very versatile. It can be customized to fit your costume.

I used an old vinyl planner cover for the first example of this project. I also did another example that uses a gallon vinegar container. Your material needs to be sturdy, but thin enough to cut with scissors, and safe to put on your face. (Don’t use 2 liter soda bottles. They are too thin and curl too much.)




Step 1: Start the mask template

Get a piece of newspaper and a pair of large-lens sunglasses

Trace the front of the sunglasses onto the newspaper by putting them face-down and rotating them from one side to the other




Step 2: Define template

Decide where and how big you want your eye holes and draw one on the left side of mask

Add extra space to the left side, where the elastic will attach




Step 3: Finish template

Cut out the left side of mask only, including eye hole

Fold it over onto the right side and trace on the eye hole and the addition

Cut out the right side




Step 4: Use template

Trace template onto the material

Use crafting knife to cut into the eye holes

Put scissors through the slits in eye holes and cut them out




Step 5: Attach elastic

Use crafting knife to make slits about 1/2″ from side (The slits should be about the width of your elastic)

Put elastic through the slit and double it up for a short length on opposite side

Using a needle and thread, place needle through center of elastic and wrap around side, going through center again

Repeat wrap several times, also doing it over the opposite edge of elastic, then tying it off

Measure length of elastic needed, cut it off, then attach to opposite side, repeating above steps




All done!

Customizations to the mask can be done in Step 2, like I did for my bat wings mask and Little Bear’s pumpkin mask.

Scroll on to find tips on the little pumpkin mask.




The pumpkin mask was cut from a clean gallon size vinegar jug. I used the same basic steps for the template, adding on the pumpkin stem and taking it down in size to fit him.




I completed Step 5 by adding elastic on.




I went back to the template and traced it onto a piece of orange felt that was made from recycled bottles. Notice that I used template as a guide, but traced it LARGER than the actual template.




Lastly, I used a hot glue gun to glue it on, as well as a small brown piece for stem. The harder plastic part of mask should be slightly smaller and should not show when done. Trim a bit if necessary.




Happy Haunting!



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