House Staging

Earlier this year my family completed an big project- selling our townhome. It was our first home that we had owned. It had a pedestal sink in the half bath and crown molding in the living room. It was so stinkin’ cute!

The challenge was to stage it on a budget. First, we two-tone painted it. The walls still looked so bare. It would have been easy to justify buying brand-new things to put on the walls. They would look nice and we could take new decorations with us. Instead, we upcycled a Redon copy.

To treat the empty walls, we first gathered a collection of little black frames. Some of them were stuck away in one of our boxes. Some of them we bought at the thrift store and refurbished. (In this case, refurbish means we sprayed them with black spray paint.) My Redon college study was on thick paper, and I cut it up to fit the different picture frames. They were meant to hang together, they compliment each other so well.

Here they are, all dusty, still waiting to be hung in our new house.




In the advanced oil painting class I took at the university, I had to copy a print. I was given a very little print of Odilon Redon’s Opelia among the Flowers. The real thing is actually a large pastel. I was pretty happy with the amateur results I got with oil paint, although it obviously didn’t compare to Redon’s dream-like quality.


Click on the purple link below to see a photograph of the original Redon, Ophelia among the Flowers.


While we are not professional at home staging, we did improve the looks of the home by upcycling!

Perhaps you can spot our little upcycles in some of our townhome staging photos below.







Don’t throw away those old prints, posters, and college studies! They may be dogeared, too large for your space, or you may be tired of the content. I challenge you to find a way to upcyle them. Cut them down, reframe them, collage them to objects, or paint on them to create a new look. As long as they have pleasing colors, they can lend new life to a lifeless corner, or object, in your home.



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