Tutorial: How to make a Trick-or-Treat Bag

This Trick-or-Treating bag is great! Not only is it big and tough enough for a night on the town, but it has reflective properties due to being shiny on the outside. You will be able to see and hear your kids better in the dark streets with this bag! (At least someone in my house can always hear me when I think I am alone and break out this snack. Busted again!)

Get empty chip bags from your host at a Halloween party you attend this weekend.




Step 1: Clean the bag

Turn the bag inside out and gently wash it.

Allow the bag to dry all the way.

Turn it back to the printed side.




Step 2: Square the bottom

Turn the two bottom corners up toward bag opening.

Secure with a strip of common duct tape by running it over and between the two corners.





Step 3: Add more tape

Tape from fold to fold until the bottom is covered with duct tape.

Run a strip of duct tape up each side of bag, from fold to the opening.

Add a strip of duct tape all around the top, flush with the edge.






Step 4: Cut fabric

Cut a strip of thin scrap fabric that is at least 21″ long and at least 2 inches wide.

Cut off found handle to use; such as a braided nylon handle from a holey cloth shopping bag. If a found handle is not available, make one from scrap fabric, or do what I did. I just cut the inseam off an old pair of jeans. Between 22-26″ is a good length for the handle.




Step 5: Secure fabric band

Place fabric strip along top outside edge and stitch 1/3″ or so from top.

When edges meet, place one end of fabric under the other and fold 1/2″. Sew over the one on top.

Turn the bag wrong-side out.

Turn the fabric cuff down.








Step 6: Put on handle

Put your sewing machine on basic zig-zag stitch. A wide stitch may be needed, and/or looser thread tension.

Place your sewing machine foot on the inside of bag, just under where the fabric is.

Sew around the inside of bag, stopping where the bottom to top running duct tape strip is on each side. When you get to these spots, stick your handle end on and sew over it. Leave 1″ or 2 ” of handle below the stitching.

Secure the inside handle ends with small pieces of duct tape.




All done!






Here is another way to use this tutorial: Make little Robot-stein favor or gift bags! (We’ve decided that Robot-stein is the traditional Halloween decor of the future.) This little bag is made from the smallest size chip bag. (The ones that sell for 2/$1.00)




No sewing is required for this little gift/favor bag. It does not have to be as durable as the trick or treat bag.

1. Do steps 1 and 2 with the small chip bag. With taping on step 2, place strip of tape on tabletop, sticky side up. Put bottom seam of bag squarely on the middle of the piece. Pull the sides of tape up the side of bag, folding the corners up as you go.

2. Split a strip of duct tape in half width-wise. Use this to tape along the top edge, folding it over so that there is tape on both sides of the top edge.

3. Turn bag wrong side out as in step 5.

4. This is the part of the directions that make me feel like a granny: Get out your glue gun. (I can’t help it! I love my glue gun!) Use a low setting if possible. Use eco-friendly felt or cast off polyester that is not going to unravel on you. Cut out hair and features for this guy. Using small amounts of glue, glue eyes, mouth, and hair on him.

WARNING! The heat of the hot glue goes directly through the thin bag! Use a hot pad or glove or something if you feel a need to put your hand in bag while gluing.

5. Tape your handle on inside with duct tape.




Until next week!















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