Free Tutorial: How to make a Triangle Apron

This was invented by accident one day when I was trying to develop a skit pattern. The shape of the pieces makes it easier to use scraps and such to upcycle. The best part of it is, the simplicity of it is so flattering. Every hostess  deserves to feel special, after all!

To make my Triangle Apron, I used a retired skirt and an old project. (I think the project scrap was intended for a quilt top once.) For the backing, I used the backing of an old quilt. For the waistband/tie, I dismantled the top hem of an old top sheet.

Use what you have to make your apron. Use the seams and other features that are already in the fabric you have. They are not flaws, they are design elements and you can use them to make your project really shine.


Step 1: Make the Pattern

Use a scrap of paper or piece of newspaper

On fold, make a line that is 2″ long and one that is 5.5″. Measure out 20″ in between your lines

Use a straight edge to connect the points

Cut out and unfold






Step 2: Create top of apron

Use pattern to cut out 5 triangular shapes

Sew them together and press

You will notice that the narrower part of the top now has a bit of a “U” shape. Fold down corners until side are level with the middle panel. Cut so that all pieces are level.




Step 3: Create a backing

Lay your backing fabric on a flat surface, right side up

Lay your apron top, right side down, onto the backing fabric

Using the apron top as a pattern, cut apron back out

Pin edges of apron top and back together




Step 4: Sewing and top stitching

Sew together the two sides of apron and wide bottom edge with 1/4″ to 1/2″ hem

Turn right side out and press

Top stitch edges of bottom and sides

Top stitch sides of triangular panels




Step 5: Create waistband/tie

Cut out a long rectangular strip that is approx. 110″ long by 4″ wide. (Don’t be afraid to have a tie that has a seam across it. Mine has one at the 60″ mark. Otherwise, it does get harder to use upcyling to make this.)

Fold in half lengthwise and press

Fold one edge 1/2″ in and press

Fold the opposite edge in and lay it on top as you press, insuring that it matches up with the other hem.




Step 6: Sew waistband/tie

Center your apron top on your waistband/tie and pin it as far inside the main fold as it will go

Sew together all 100+” of your waistband/tie carefully

Fold over and finish each end of the tie




All done!

The elements of the found fabric really added to the finished product.




Here’s another of the Triangle Aprons that just makes me feel pretty. It is made from upcycled linens, except for one panel which is a fabric remnant from JoAnn’s.




Happy hosting!



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