Tutorial: How to make a Toddler Apron


These aprons are great for helping in the kitchen as well as for arts and crafts time. People have admired them when I have taken them out to shows. Moms have loved them when I have given them as gifts. I have also gotten requests to make them a tutorial on my website. Finally, the tutorial is here. It’s just in time for making these for your little holiday helpers!

The apron on this tutorial made use of a pair of men’s old shop jeans, a pocket from a pair of boy’s jeans, old linens, and remnant scraps.




Step 1: Make the pattern

On the fold of a piece of newspaper, cut out a rectangle that is 14″ long, 6″ wide.

Round the bottom corner that is not on the fold.

Cut out a rounded notch that is 3″ wide on the top and 3.5″ in the length.






Step 2: Cut out the front panel

Cut off the bottom part of a leg of jeans. Make sure it is going to be long and wide enough for pattern to be cut out.

Cut off bottom hem and open up the outer seam, leaving the double stitched inseam.

Center pattern on inseam. Pin on pattern and cut it out.






Step 3: Cut out pocket

Cut off a back jeans pocket. Remove all excess fabric from pocket as shown.

A pocket from children’s or women’s jeans in a contrasting color looks especially nice.




Step 4: Create bias tape

Create one 6″ piece of bias tape, one 30″ piece, and 2 pieces that are 45-50″ long.

(Don’t be ashamed to have occasional seams on your bias tape. Sewing strips together to make the required length allows the use of fabric that otherwise would be overlooked when making this project.)

Make your tape by cutting  out 2″ wide strips of fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise and press.

One at a time, fold 2 outer edges flush with the inner fold and press.

Fold the tape in half, just like original fold. Make sure the folded edges are lining up and press again. Finished tape has four layers of fabric.

This step takes the longest. Heat up your iron and turn on some tunes!




Step 5: Sew pocket & top and bottom bias tape

Center pocket as desired on apron and pin. Sew it on, stitching right over the previous seams used to attach it to the jeans. There are usually 2 of these seams. Sew over both for best results. Go slowly and use your widest stitch width. The fabric is super thick.

Pin 6″ bias tape on top of apron panel, pinning the denim as far into the tape as possible. Sew within 1/4″ of outer folds.

Pin 30″ bias tape around bottom of apron. Do not use pins on the corners. Sew within 1/4″ of outer folds. At the corners, sew slowly and create small folds and such as sewing progresses. Tape should be as flat as possible and stitching should catch the back side of tape as well. (Don’t fret over having to take out the seam ripper and redo a small section. Sewing the corners is the most tedious part.)






Step 6: Sew on ties

Pin the longest of the bias tapes on the two notches, leaving 16-18 ” of tape above the top to tie behind neck.

Sew within 1/4″ of outer fold edge from tape end to tape end.

After threads are trimmed, make a simple knot in all the tie ends as close to edge of fabric as possible.




Now that is one cute bit of worn out auto shop jeans! My sweet Little Bear loves it!

Remember to use with supervision.







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