Sustainable Holiday Pledge

WARNING: This is a Pre-Thanksgiving holiday post! It may cause holiday thinking and planning!

But before you hum-bug me off your screen, consider this; It is nearly mid-November already. The holidays are going to be here before you know it, starting with Thanksgiving in just over 2 weeks. You will be glad you started thinking about the holidays now, and here is why.




One great gift to give everyone you care about this holiday season is a cleaner earth. Celebrating the season traditionally creates extra waste, on top of the everyday. Let’s start with ourselves and work on doing this better than we have before.

Having greener holidays can be easy, but it does take some advanced planning. This is why starting to think about it today is a good idea.

If you have a mental plan of the one or more things you are going to change this year, it will be so much easier to change habits. When you are in the moment, it will be easier to follow through, rather than going on auto-pilot.


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(Hmmmm… thinking here….)

The term ‘sustainability’ often refers practices that creates less waste. Let’s make a Sustainable Holiday Pledge. Our pledge will be to celebrate the holidays more sustainably than we did last year. Chose at least one way to make your holidays more earth friendly. Make a specific, measurable goal, and plan to make the change. Here are some sustainable holiday ideas to consider.

Make beautiful and functional gifts through upcycling.

Reuse gift bags.

If you have a child on your gift list, refurbish a toy they will love.

Don’t buy any new decorations this year. Make upcycle decorations.

Send email cards. Reserve the snail mail cards for special people, like my grandmother, who do not get on the internet.

Plan a more locally grown Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner. Purchase organic for as much of this local meal as possible.

Purchase some gifts at the local thrift store. Quality, like-new items can often be found there, as well as nostalgic vintage pieces.

Avoid using any disposable dinnerware.

Wrap your gifts in an appealing, but unconventional way.

Purchase gifts that are durable and long lasting.

Take your conventional holiday lights to the recycling yard and replace them with LEDs.

Use festive cloth napkins instead of disposable ones.

Save favorite cards given to you for future holiday upcycles.


What are you including in your Sustainable Holidays Pledge?









4 responses to “Sustainable Holiday Pledge

  1. Hi, I love this idea of thinking about the holidays with an environmentally friendly frame of mind. A favorite of mine is reusing cards. I save favorite holiday cards to make gift tags, and decorate packages.
    My favorite apple orchard stays open through the end of the year. I take a recycled basket, go to the orchard and pull together a gift basket of jams, jellies, syrup etc. and tuck in baking mixes or homemade treat. I look forward to your future posting.


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