Free Tutorial: How to make a Little Gobbler

A turkey decoration can make Thanksgiving feel more festive, especially if it is cute and cheesy!

This little guy is made from a cardboard salt tube. You know, the one you get at the store that has the pull out aluminum spout? When the last of the salt is in the shaker, cut the tube into this Little Gobbler and use what you have on hand to make his defining parts. Ours used colorful shelf liners, milk carton pull tabs, and felt made from recycled plastic bottles.

This is a quick and easy upcycling project- fun to do with kids!


Step 1: Ready the salt tube

Pull the paper label off the salt tube.

Cut off the top of it and turn it upside down.




Step 2: Make body and tail

Cut several slits of equal width in the cardboard tube, running up and down, stopping 1/2 inch or so before the top.

Fold flaps out flat.

Cut off about half of the flaps, all on one side.




Step 3: Create the tail feathers

Cut the flaps to the desired length and also into the desired feather shape.

Use cardboard feathers as a template for cutting out more feathers from other materials.




Step 4: Create turkey face

Using the old cut off top of the salt tube as a template, cut a circle of felt as turkey body.

Use two milk carton tabs as eyes. Cut the rings off the backs and use a permanent marker to “dot the eyes.”

Use felt to cut out orange beak and the red thing that hangs from it. (Yahoo Answers says it is called a snood.)




Step 5: Glue it all together!










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