Free Tutorial: How to make a Food Carrier

What a horribly practical thing to have around this time of year, a food carrier to transport hot food to gatherings.

Start with a clean rotisserie chicken container from the last time you picked up chicken for a quick dinner. These are very handy to reuse for taking food to someone- the recipient doesn’t have to worry about getting a dish back to you- this one can be thrown in the recycle bin.




For me, the thin cardboard things the rotisserie chicken containers wear for carrying are kind of scary. I always feel like my hot little dinner is going to spill all over the store floor. The cardboard always ends up in the recycle bin the minute I get home.

For a carrier that will actually help you carry a container of hot food with confidence, start with a leg from an old pair of men’s jeans. The pant leg pictured even has a bit of a hole in the knee.




Step 1: Sew base of carrier

Turn men’s jean pant leg inside out and stitch along the raw edge to enclose it, keeping the seams of the pant leg at opposite ends as much as possible.

Next, square the corners.

Sew and cut off where the square is 7″ – 8 ” wide.

Cut off excess within 1/3″.

Remember: It is always a good idea to zig zag stitch your raw edges.




Step 2: Cut

Turn pant leg right side out. You will notice there is now a rectangular base.

Cut 2 slits down the middle of the pant leg, starting at the top, and coming within 1 & 1/2″ to 2″ of the base just created.

The slits will be in the middle of the shorter sides of the rectangular base.




Step 3: Cut again

Cut the cuff off the pant leg.

Cut on each side of the two original denim seams, at first flush with seams and then taper down to the bottom of center large cut.




Step 4: Create bias tape

Choose a calico cotton- type weight fabric that won’t get too thick when layered.

Make a measurement of 2 of the tapered cuts on one side, from top of one to top of the next.

Cut 2 strips of cloth to total length from above, making them 3 1/2″ wide.

Iron the strips in half lengthwise.

Open fold and fold the two sides flush with middle fold. Press.

Fold the two folds together on the original fold. Press again.




Step 5: Sew on bias tape

Placing denim inside bias tape, pin the bias tape along raw edge on one side of carrier.

Sew it on with an 1/8″ seam allowance. Use a wide stitch and go slowly when sewing over original denim seams.

Pin and sew the bias tape on the other side of carrier. Along the parts where you’re sewing over original denim seams, the second piece of bias tape will overlap the first.




Step 6:

Place rotisserie chicken container inside, base to base.




Tying a square knot at the top makes for easy carrying. My Little Bear sure makes carrying this around look easy!





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