Tutorial: How to make a Jar Candle


There’s nothing quite like a burning candle on a winter evening to make a home feel cozy. This jar candle makes a cute decoration and a great gift. It also costs next to nothing to make.

A small jam jar was reused in this tutorial. Also a bit of candle wax left over from a brick I bought once upon a time. ‘Mostly used up’ candles are a great upcycle candidate for this. (As long as their scents don’t conflict too much.) Just follow this tutorial up to heating the wax. Before pouring wax, remove left over wicks and such from the old candles with a metal fork.


Step 1: Clean jar

Clean out the small empty food jar that you intend to make into a candle.

Soak and remove labels.



Step 2: Get ready to melt wax

Get out a small pot and metal bowl that can be used as a type of double boiler on the pot.

Place a couple of inches of water in the pot and heat it to a low boil.



Step 3: Melt the wax

Place the metal bowl on top of the pot.

Place the candle wax in the bowl and allow it enough time to melt.

Optional: Add to the wax any essential oils you plan on using. (This tutorial used clove essential oil.)



Step 4: Create a wick

Cut a length of cotton string that is the height of the jar, plus afew inches.

Tie on one end a small metal or glass weight. (Here I have used the tab off a pineapple can. Glass pony beads also work well.)

Tie the other end of the string to a pencil. Leave an appropriate length to allow the weight to be at the bottom of jar as the pencil rests on the lip of jar.

Slide wick off pencil, and holding onto the loop, dip the rest of wick in the wax. Slide the loop back on the pencil and place wick in jar, with pencil resting on the lip of jar. Allow wick to cool.



Step 5: Pour the wax

Push pencil aside and carefully pour hot wax into the jar.

Readjust the pencil so that the wick is centered.

Allow wax to cool.

Trim the wick so it is no more than 1/2″ long.



Step 6: Decorate

Decoupage with medium of your choice. This tutorial used some leftover high gloss artist’s medium, but decoupage or even Elmer’s glue will work.

Brush medium on a section of the jar. Place a small piece of paper on wet jar and brush more medium over the top of it. Continue until jar is covered.

Combining opaque papers with more translucent ones can create some really neat effects. As with this wreath design, the candlelight will shine through the translucent parts more.

This tutorial used torn paper scraps from green streamers, brown packing paper, red scrapbook paper to decorate the jar. A raffia bow completed the look.






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