Tips and Tricks: Make your own Ugly Holiday Sweater

I went to a work party last weekend  where the theme was “ugly sweaters.” It was holiday style, of course. Just for fun, I looked online at vintage style ugly sweaters. They certainly were ugly, and the fake vintage clothing ran upwards of $40 to $50 each. What I really wanted though, was some real vintage awesomeness to wear.

What I did have was an old sweater my husband’s size and two small battery powered LED light sets. I customized our clothing myself. When my husband and I arrived at the restaurant, the hostess instantly knew which party we belonged to.

To customize our “ugliness,” I got out my scissors and cut out some ornament shapes from some old t-shirts. Then I sewed them on the front of my husband’s sweater by hand.


Next, I used some common cotton string to sew on some details for the ornaments.


Then I turned the sweater inside out and stuck the lights through the loose weave knit from the back. These I secured with a little stitching. I also made a simple little pocket for the battery pack.


I stashed a little string of lights under the large collar of my sweater vest. Then we were ready to go!

Upcycle your own sweater into a “ugly” festive sweater for the holidays!


Tip: Take care with lighted clothing. LED lights, as opposed to traditional style Christmas lights, are supposed to always stay cool. They are likely not a hazard at all. (It still makes me slightly nervous though, and I make sure the lights are turned off right after the event!)



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