Tutorial: How to make a Mini Gift Bag

Everyone has a vice when it comes to the good intentions of eating healthy. This is especially true around the holidays. Here is my family’s vice: Classic Lays. Buying the smallest bags we can find helps us to at least control how many we eat in a sitting. When we are done, I save them and clean them up for special projects. Now I am going to show you how to use those bags to make little gift bags for Christmas or a birthday.

Step 1: Prep the bag

Turn bag inside out and gently wash.

Allow it to dry and turn it right side out.


Step 2: Create squared bottom of bag

Get out the duct tape.

Place a strip face down on surface.

Place bottom seam of bag in the center of the tape.

Run the tape up the side of bag, folding the corners up.

Trim and save excess bits of tape.



Step 3: Prep for decorating

Turn the bag inside out.

Do any necessary folding or such needed to square the bottom even more.


Step 4: Decorate

Christmas Gift Bag:

Using the leftover bits of duct tape, tape a salvaged holiday ribbon to inside of bag to create handle.

Hot glue a strip of white eco-friendly felt to the outer top of bag. (Use low setting and extreme caution with the hot glue. The heat goes right through the bag!)

Hot glue wrapped spearmint candies to the felt. (My spearmints were left over from Halloween!)

Christmas bag

Birthday Gift Bag:

Using leftover curling ribbon and a small bit of salvaged duct tape, tape ribbon to outside top of bag sides.

Cut a strip of eco-friendly felt that is wide enough to cover outside duct tape.

Using your smallest leftover balloons in the package, create bows by crossing two balloons and securing them onto the felt with a stitch of thread.

Hot glue the strip of white felt to the outer top of bag. (Use low setting and extreme caution with the hot glue. The heat goes right through the bag!)

Curl excess ribbon with scissors.

birthday bag

Step 5: Gift the bag

Fill this gift bag up with little treats, perhaps including a little holiday card, birthday card, a gift card, or movie passes. Your friends and family will appreciate the thought of your little gift. They will be surprised to see the brand name of your favorite chips inside the bag and it may start an interesting conversation! What a neat way to introduce upcycling to someone you care about.


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