Spring and Summer Upcycle Gifts

There is always a reason to give gifts to people we care about. Birthdays, promotions, and other celebrations come to us all. When I was growing up, it was always something new that was wrapped perfectly in paper. Now days the trend is giving in the form of a gift card, which is really not all that personal.

With this post, I would like to promote the idea of turning more often to gifts of time, upcycling, talent, and thoughtfulness, rather than of retail. Here are a couple of ideas that are super appropriate for this time of year when so much yummy produce is in season.


‘Berry Sweet’ Gift Box

Imagine this little gift box stuffed with samples of your handmade lip balms, lotion bars, jewelery, or food treats. It really doesn’t take much in volume to show your friend that you care.


1. Start with a clean, empty berry clamshell.


2. Cut three pieces of fabric from scraps or upcycled sources.

One that is 9″ by 9″

2 that are 1″ by 13 ” strips

Press fabric pieces, fray edges a bit, and cut off loose strings.



3. Place fabric in clamshell, corners pointing up and down.

Place small gift in clamshell on top of fabric.

Fold in corners of fabric and close lid.


4. Make an upcycled tag for berry gift box measuring about and 2 1/2″ by 2 and 1/2″.

This one was made from an old smashed paper gift bag that was destined for the recycle bin.


5. Wrap strips of fabric around box, securing in the front with a bit of tape or tiny hot glue dot.

Secure upcycled gift tag on top of box.


Summer Blooms Gift

This super simple ‘reuse’ project is sure to bring a smile.


1. Start with a clean, empty cherry tomato pint container.


2. Plant a pretty little bloom in it from a patch of the garden that could use some thinning, or pull out an especially nice one to share when you buy a flat of flowers from the garden center.

3. Make an upcycled sign with a scrap of corrugated cardboard and a popsicle stick. The stick can be stuck right into the cardboard, no need for glue.

Happy upcycled gifting this beautiful season of the year!




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