Summer Camp Bracelet

Crafting at camp was always my favorite. I remember as an older teen, there was one year that we all ‘had’ to make braided hemp necklaces, just because it was the cool  thing.

This little project utilizes upcycling and is great for groups of different ages of kids. (Younger children may need help with the initial cutting part.) Ask for parent donations of old t-shirts and leftover beads if organizing this as a youth activity.

1. Cut a strip of fabric from an old t-shirt.

Make it about 1/2 inch wide, and as long as desired for your project.


2. Hold both ends of t-shirt strip, and pull.

With a gentle tug, the sides should coil up, creating a cord as shown.


3. Take one inch of one end of cord, unroll flat, then roll it up on itself into a single roll.

This little roll is a good size for beading on pony beads.

Use knots and beads to complete the look of bracelet, allowing loose ends for tying it on.


4. Tie on and enjoy!

These can be as colorful or as simple as you like.

4 5

As a more adult application, use a longer piece of upcycled cotton jersey to create a very comfortable-to-wear cord for a  pendant. In this example, the pendant is made of air dried clay. It functions as a personal essential oil diffuser when a drop or two of fragrant oil is allowed to soak into the porous surface of the clay.


Have fun wearing your upcycled creations this summer!


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