Front Door Make Over

Our friends are always welcome to visit us at our vintage house. Lately I have even noticed a trend. Visitors have been coming to our side door instead of the front. It made me realize that perhaps our front entry needed a little make over.

The first step was to remove the old creaky screen door that we never used, and to sweep leaves off the steps and cobwebs off the house. (The screen door got a very pleased new owner!)


Our house has an awesome vintage front door with a large pane of glass in it. As great as that is for letting in that extra bit of light that creates great atmosphere, it really made it awkward for people approaching the door. (Anyone pressing the doorbell had full view of the living room.) What it needed was something that would still let in some light, but alleviate some of the awkward.


I used one of my pinterest pins as a solution, (and I was pretty excited that I actually used one of them!) Look at it here. I made the cornstarch paste just like she did for her lace, but I used a light cotton fabric instead.

The fabric was from a project fail that was put away in hopes that one day when I was not frustrated with it, I would get it out and find a way to make it work. (Yeah, not going to happen!) I was so glad to cut this fabric out of that old project and put it somewhere where it would get used and seen.


The rubber mat on our doorstep was still very functional. It was faded to a dull gray and had paint splotches given to it by previous owners of the house. A little coat of olive green paint made it happy again.


Welcome to our home!


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