Ink Blot Book

Once upon a time, I decided to create a magical book that was so powerful it could organize my entire household.

I have been reading:


If you want to be able to more fully live life in a way that expresses what is in your heart, this book is for you!

This author has given me great ideas on how to be a good steward of what I have been blessed with.

One of the best ideas I have gleaned so far is the idea of the household management book.

After getting some dividers to put my own version of the book together, I asked my son if he had a binder he didn’t need, and he did. I was glad to be able to reuse something instead of getting a new one, even if it had stickers, crayon, and pencil marks all over it. It was also an event binder, marked with the year and name of an event on the front and spine.

We took the book out on our date so we could do some brainstorming together. “Do me a favor,” he said, “Get a new binder. That one is so ugly.”

It is true, it was super ugly,

and so I did.


I pulled out some supplies over the weekend… a truly magical eraser and 3 permanent markers. After peeling the stickers off the binder, the magic eraser took all the residue, crayon, and pencil off.


The markers gave the book a makeover while my mind was preoccupied with listening to the wonderfully inspiring words of the LDS General Conference over the weekend. There is nothing like conference for giving me heart, and helping me to more fully realize my purpose.


The actual drawings on the binder, however, were completely random and inspired by a blog I read that introduced me to the fun idea of ‘ink blot drawings.’

Here’s a few examples:

Tails by Green Space Goods

Slink by Green Space Goods

Jackaloptopus by Green Space Goods

Now I have a new Ink Blot Binder for my Powerful Magical Book.


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