Free Tutorial: Wooden Fence Recipe Frame

This fun little project was developed for the local Webelos Cub Scout Den. We opted for the glue gun to stick it all together. Although adults were available and ready to help, the 10 year old boys were surprisingly self sufficient when it came to using the low-temp glue gun. If there are younger children involved, consider doing the gluing and letting them decorate, or even letting them use a water based glue to glue some of it together themselves.

Step 1: Create the ‘Fence’

Line up 12 popsicle sticks perfectly, like a wooden fence.

Using hot glue or a water based wood glue, add three popsicle sticks going across horizontally as shown. Place the glue on the stick first, then lay it across the ‘fence.’

DSC07059  DSC07061

Step 2: Create the ‘legs’

Take apart 2 wooden clothes pins so that you have 4 clothes pins pieces.

Using two pieces, glue together the flat part of the clothes pin sides that would usually be opposite each other in a ‘V.’  The clothes pin sides will now resemble the way they look when a clothes pin is held open. Repeat with the other 2 pieces.

Put some glue on the two sticks on the lower part of the ‘fence’ where the ‘legs’ will secure. Put ‘legs’ on while the glue is still hot (or wet,) and stand ‘fence’ up, adjusting the ‘legs’ so that they both sit on the ground securely.

DSC07060 DSC07064

Step 3: Give it a Clippy

Place glue in middle of fence near the top and stick on a clothes pin.

Clip on a quote or picture!


Leave the wood natural or paint it. Painting is an especially nice option if your sticks have dark popcicle dye stains.

Another fun idea is to tape it. This washi tape idea is cute.

These little frames are great for gifts… my Little Bear painted 2 of these after I glued them together for him. He is going to gift them as recipe card holders. If your children gift these to their grandparents, be sure to include index cards that have your child’s favorite recipes written on them. It may seem self serving, but they will actually be very grateful. With our special diet issues in the family, my mother-in-law would especially agree.


Read a story about our special GF/CF (and other things free) medical diet here.

The recipe on the card pictured is one of our holiday favorites, courtesy of Kim Wilson at

Her recipes are so yummy!


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