Rejuvenate Baby Clothes

One thing I have noticed about having a baby in the house is the sheer bulk of fabric that piles up to be washed everyday. If I blink too long, the piles of baby clothing and bedding can get overwhelming!


Buying my girl organic fair trade clothing is simply not in the budget, but I do what is a good alternaive. To me, that is putting her in nice, second hand clothing. When she messes an outfit, though, it is so tempting to think, ‘She is almost grown out of it, and I paid pennies for it, maybe I can just throw this one outfit out.’

The thing is though, fabric is not one of those materials that can be thrown into the recycling bin and melted down to make new things. Reusing fabrics is one ‘big bang for your buck’ way of fighting pollution. Cotton is one of the smallest crops out there, but more chemicals  are used on cotton than any other crop.

If I save outfits and pass them on to others, I am fighting pollution, and therefore, Autism.

After a very long search, I found an awesome solution to the messy outfit issue.


I owe another blogger by the name of Amee for this wonderful tip. Her recipe all starts out with a Fels-Napha Laundry Bar Soap. I do it slightly different- with  the same results. (I like to get the stain wet, then lather the bar soap on.) Now, I had used this soap before with pretty ok results, but what really took the cake was soaking it in cold water overnight before washing. There are no other ingredients needed- except water!

Read her method here: Inspired Housewife.

This method meets my needs because:

  1. It is Easy!
  2. It uses less chemicals. Now I am no expert- but those big name stain treatments- they smell so much stronger to me than this little golden bar.
  3. It is Inexpensive. I picked this bar up at the local grocery store for cheap.
  4. This should be #1, but it WORKS! If not the first time through, it will the second.


One step towards another baby girl’s earth friendly wardrobe!




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