Dolls on Parade

We have had our share of refurbishing and upcycling with dolls around here.

Common upcycling materials for dolls in my studio include: unwanted accessories, old shirts and skirts, leftover trimmings and scraps, and odd things like bottle caps and buttons.

It is exciting, the transformation that can take place with upcycling and refurbishing a doll. The doll that once had a yellowing old fashioned dress can have a new life, and a new story. Instead of ‘Priscilla’ from the ‘Precious Dolls Collection,’ she can be ‘Trenna’ from the band ‘Cherry Pop’!

Enjoy Upcycle Shed Dolls on Parade with their new stories!


Mallory is the distant steam-punk relative of Elizabeth Bennet. Her long clothing gives her an old fashioned look. She finishes it off with a modern infinity scarf and a hat full of bling. She has romantic braids pulled up under her hat. A miniature book would really complete her look, for I imagine that she dearly loves to read.


Cute as a button- this little girl is everyone’s favorite. She is bright and cheery and full of fun. She has beautiful her blue eyes and is proud of her bottle cap belt buckle.


Don’t let her beautiful bohemian look fool you- this girl is a hardcore shepherdess. While Milly is currently sporting her original white shoes, they are just for show. We can just see her spending her time climbing green hills and fording streams. Her favorite things are laughter and friends, (even her four-legged ones.)


It is easy to imagine Valera as quiet and timid. We’ll say that she is an artist of a contemplative mind. She likes a long walk and can often be found drawing under a shade tree.


Her hair begs for this story: Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a cousin to royalty who wanted to escape the pressure of being so close to his very important relations. He took his family from their native Naboo to live a more simple life on a nearby planet. His family has grown, and now Princess Leia’s distant cousin Cassandra lives there peacefully, and ironically, her family has been very involved in all the local politics since landing there.


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