Earth Day and Birthday

Happy Earth Day! And Birthday!

I decided to celebrate Earth Day by sharing some of the things we have done for a more eco-friendly themed children’s birthday party.

Themed parties are so magical for kids- and as parents it is so easy to stock up on all kinds of themed consumables if we’re not careful. A little bit of planning can make great memories and save on alot of waste.

This year, we put on a Minecraft themed party.


The food was simple, staged with little cards that were free printables found on the internet. We even included foods like “Golden Apples” and “Carrots” to cut down on prepackaged food. Cupcakes were baked in a vintage non-stick very-mini 12 ct. bunt pan to avoid use of liners. The box from the cake mix helped guests take extra cupcakes home.


The games were based on this towering stack of boxes. We played “survival mode” and “creative mode” Minecraft the backyard with them along with some Nerf style dart guns. Afterward the boxes went to someone who was moving and needed boxes.


Party favors- that was the tricky one. Getting little plastic toys and such that would quickly end up in the landfill didn’t seem too appealing… this seemed to be a more eco-friendly option. These sets of crayons were called “Minion Prehistoric” and to me they looked just like Minecraft colors. These crayons can be used up and the box can be recycled.


Our gathering activity were these free coloring printables that we customized with a title, and a chance to use said crayons. 🙂

Extras were easily recycled.


Here’s a little showcase of the party favors from last year: Lego Mixels Cubits. I made 6 of these little pillows from clean old fabrics and stuffed with polyfill. The boys (and girl) earned their cubit through a scavenger hunt and a series of games that tested them, proving to the Mixels that they could be entrusted to protect it. They had a blast.


With a little planning, your themed birthday party or other gathering can be super fun, memorable, and more earth friendly.

Give it a shot.

Be creative.

Love the earth.



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