Fun Study Chair Cover

We have a study chair in our home that was used in the local university for 20 years or so. It is comfortable and functional, just not so good looking. My task is to do a refurbish to make it into a fun piece for our student’s room. This is part one of two. In this first part, I will show you how I made a cover for the back of the chair. I hope it inspires your own refurbish projects!



We have great memories of this old t shirt that belonged to my boy when he was younger. I went through the few clothes I had saved and realized it was not fit for his brother or the thrift store. We weren’t ready to give it up anyway, and wanted to save it from the landfill by upcycling it.


First, I turned it inside out.


Next, I used a straight stitch on the sewing machine to sew the shape of the chair back onto the top part of the shirt. This shirt happen to be just the right size width-wise. Next, I trimmed the sleeves and other excess off.


I turned it right-side out and tried it on the chair. I did go back and round the top corners I had created to make it lie nicer.



Told ya the chair was ugly! I am glad the back of the chair is looking quite whimsical now. We have more than one of these chairs, and one of them is even uglier than this one. (If you can believe it.) I will actually be using the  uglier one in part 2 of this refurbish.

This chair is on it’s way to facilitating more hours of studying, in a funner, more funky way. I think my son with autism will approve of his chair upcycle when I am done!


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