Study Chair Part 2

This is part 2 of the Study Chair Refurbish. Check out Part 1 for ideas on how to make the chair back cover.


You were warned- this chair is even uglier than the last! (See big slit on the seat.) The first step was to remove the seat from the frame.


That slit was patched up in a way that would do Red Green proud- lots of duct tape.


The frame was given a once-over with some sand paper on the metal part. There were 2 cans of leftover paint on the premises. Each had just a little left. They were both green, it’s just that one was lime and one was olive. Oh well, it turned out looking Ninja-Turtle-Awesome.


A cover for the seat was made with the backside and a leg of a pair of men’s jeans.


Lots of staple gun action later…. (I love that staple gun.)


My son loves his ‘new’ chair for his desk. I love that it is colorful and it is all the more his because I used his old shirt to refurbish it. Refurbishing is one way to fight autism and help the world be alittle cleaner. I hope that this post inspires your own refurbish projects!


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