Tiny House Art

Tiny houses have been the brunt of many jokes between the Mr and I- only not in the way that you would think.

I became interested in Tinys afew years back and eventually Mr and I came to the conclusion that it would be a great plan to have one in retirement for full time living. Our conclusion was based on the fact that we have children, a fact which we thought would make tiny living impossible until someday when it is just the two of us.

Any statement of mine beginning with, “Someday, when we have a tiny house…..” has been meant to be something to be amusing and make him smile. Last weekend we attended a workshop on tiny house living at the local university. I was thrilled that Mr wanted to attend the day-long workshop with me- especially on his birthday!


Some of the more eye-opening aspects of the class for us were the concepts behind minimalist living and environmental impact. With two of our children being on the autism spectrum, we are keenly aware that there are many things we would change in the environment to make it less toxic for them.

In building our own tiny, we would have the power to at least customize our own space to be less toxic and much more autism friendly. We would also be living in an all around much more environmentally friendly way.

Our instructor was great. He even convinced us on composting toilets, something I never even wanted to consider before. Apparently there are some out there high tech enough that even I would be willing to own one. He even planted the seed of thought that maybe we could live in one with our kids. He inadvertently did that by disclosing the fact that he has children (a very similar situation to our own,) and the fact that he plans on moving his family into his own custom tiny.

In short- our minds were blown.

Add to this the fact that the Mr is a public school teacher. What adventures would we take our kids on if we could just pick up our house and travel during the summer?


We are not going to run out and build tomorrow, but this workshop gave us things to think about. We are going to make change now. We will start by taking steps to live in an even more minimalistic way. This will mean changes of habit, less stuff, and a load off of stress. I am super excited about it! I plan on sharing some of our results.

In view of this exciting educational experience, I am creating a series of small size fantasy/fairy tale prints which I have dubbed ‘Tiny House Art.’ They are 5X7, which is quite small, but quite large enough to be a statement piece in a tiny. They can be viewed at https://www.etsy.com/shop/UpPixStudio?ref=search_shop_redirect&section_id=20152830.  I look forward to adding to this collection!


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