Knex as Christmas Decor

This is a wonderful time of year to practice being more mindful and to form those earth-friendly resolutions for the new year. For me this year, that means really evaluating if I actually need to buy something to fill a certain need or want.

To fill the ‘want’ of a little more Christmas cheer to decorate the house- I didn’t buy a thing. I just got alittle creative. Between reusing decorations and a box of Knex- we have got it covered in our household. If you also have a box of old Knex you keep around for the kids or grandkids, get the kids going on these fun projects. You may even want to have a go at it yourself. (I know I had fun making these!)


Green Wreath with Red Bow


Snowflakes- To decorate the garland.


Add a special Knex piece and a hook, and the Snowflake can go on the tree.

After Christmas, these Knex are broken down and become toys again, and they don’t take up more storage space then they already did before. Now that is multi-functional!

I hope you enjoyed this upcycle! Happy Holidays!





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