GF/CF Shaped Birthday Cookie Cake

I used to work in bakeries before I had to switch to a special gluten free diet. The switch was totally worth it- My brain and body work so much better- but I admit- I occasionally just crave a pastry!

With a gluten free, casein free, corn free, sugar free, and other things free diet- yeah, that is always off the list.

It was my birthday last week. As a special treat to myself and my gf/cf kids on my December birthday, I made this:


BEHOLD! The Christmas Tree Cookie Cake WITH ICING!

(Ok, so I was alittle too excited about the icing part- it has just been so long since I had anything that resembled icing!)


The day before my birthday, I made a double batch of my Vanilla Cookie Recipe. That filled my tree shaped cookie pan to 1/2 inch- plus some dough left over to put in the freezer. I baked it according to the recipe, plus afew minutes to make sure it was done in the middle. I watched it very carefully- this recipe is easy to overbake.

Before it was even completely cooled, I sealed it up in plastic, pan and all, and put the whole thing in the freezer until I was ready to ice it. I wanted the cookie a little moist so it would be chewy. If I had let it sit on the counter until completely cooled, it may have gotten too dried out. (Common gluten free baked goods problem.)


The next day I removed the cookie cake from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator. That’s when I started mixing up the icing.

Here’s the icing recipe:

1 Jar Smuckers Simply Fruit Red Raspberry Jam, 10 oz.   

3/4 Cup Coconut Oil

Mix with electric beaters until well blended.

That is all! I will warn you, it is seedy, but I didn’t notice the seeds once it was on the cookie.


I pulled the cookie out, iced my whole cookie cake generously, and still had enough icing to fill up the empty jar to store the leftovers in the refrigerator.


I had two fruit leather strips on hand, as well as a small star cookie cutter. I cut as many stars out of them as I could. (It is really quite difficult to do this unless the fruit leather is warm, so unwrap and put in the microwave 7-10 seconds before you cut it with cookie cutters.)

The leftover shapes in the fruit leather after the stars were cut out made great diamond shapes, with a trim here and there. The stars and diamonds made great decorations without compromise, and they added great flavor!


My Christmas Tree Birthday Cookie Cake was pink! Pink has not always been a favorite with me, but with no artificial colors added, what’s not to love? Also, pastry craving conquered. Best birthday treat ever!!

As always, cooking allergen friendly food for my family is just one way that I fight autism.

Happy Birthday to all my December Birthdays out there!



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