Dream Catcher Inspired CD Wall Decor

It is January- and it is cold and snowing. It can feel gloomy for sure. Last week I made a project that adds color to the wall to brighten the winter. Mostly though, it just brightened my heart to do some fun upcycling.

What happened is I took on a task to make some older kid rewards for both boys and girls- something they would hopefully want to earn as part of their academic programs.

Here’s one of the items I came up with- a small wall hanging made with an old CD. They are totally dream catcher inspired- and simple.

Once I had sat down with my thoughts and materials, I found them fun and relaxing to make.


These are basically made using a blanket stitch- except I did not use a needle to go through fabric- instead I pulled a skein of embroidery thread through the hole in a CD.

The iridescent look of the CD behind the thread is lovely!


Using some careful control, I made the ‘stitches’ on the top of the CD closer together and the ones on the bottom farther apart.

This strategy made a nice effect.

Tie-dyed embroidery thread added so much color to these- it was the only thing purchased for this project.


These cut out felt pieces made a great finish with the colored threads sewn through them. Several different light weight materials could be used to give one of these a finish.


Here’s one with cut out shelf liner. Pop bottle tabs could be used, colorful paper clips, craft feathers, origami, small wire sculptures- there are just so many things that could be upcycled on these.

I challenge you to brighten up your January with some upcycling!



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