Fidget Bag

Back during the winter, I shared this project I was working on for rewards for older elementary kids. Here’s my follow up- the next project I worked on has proven great for all elementary ages- the fidget bag!

Long before the ‘fidget spinner,’ a daily question of interest in our home was ‘Which fidget should I to take to school?’

Several of these fidget drawstring bags were turned out- many different super heros were represented, also including a Sar Wars themed bag. (That has been the most popular among the older kids.)

The kids love these for the theme and the ability to carry around several fidgets.

I love them because the bottom half of the bag is made of old jeans. It is super durable and make it a whole lot more earth friendly! Many less materials were purchased because of the reusing of the jeans. Scraps of fabric was even used, in the case of this BATMAN theme bag.

I have included a couple of pictures of the inside- to give an idea of how I made them. I did a top stitching after sewing the two different fabric together.

Here are some other themes I have used. Some of these were cut from fat quarters. I used thin paracord for the srawstrings. The use of new material really is minimal. And I am saving my leftovers for when there is a call for these again. 🙂

Leave a comment! Tell us- do your kids take fidgets to school?

Upcycling is one way I fight autism. I also help others recycle. Visit me at Up Pix Studio.


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