Upcycled Party Favor: The Cubit

At my son’s recent birthday party, one of his friends reminded me of a party we threw for our son 2 years ago. Back then he was into Lego Mixels and there were themed games at the party and a ‘quest’ to obtain a ‘cubit.’ This is one of the cubits that I made from clean upcycled fabrics.

“I still have the cubit!” he told me. Little does he know that it that fun and memorable party was actually really low budget and the little cubit pillow that he keeps on his bed was made from a cast off denim shower curtain {back} as well as old polo shirts {front.}

Don’t be afraid to experiment and use what you have to come up with creative solutions! The pattern for this was super easy to come up with- I am confident that you can come up with even better and even more memorable stuff while upcycling.

Upcycling is just one way that I fight autism.

Providing eco-friendly women’s fashions is another way. Visit Up Pix Studio to find out more.


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