Lucky Brand Summer Skirt

I had a need for another summer skirt, and a long Lucky Brand jean skirt that was ratted at the hem and slit. I cut off the slit, but doing that made the skirt a length I did not perfer.

I also had a very old linen that came from my grandmother’s house. It perhaps was from Hawaii when she lived there in the 60’s. I added on to the skirt with a colorful orange strip of fabric fron the linens.


I hemmed the strip of fabric and tacked it on with pins. (Of course in retrospect, I would have done the hemming as the final step!)

I realized that I had ended up with alittle extra fabric once I had it pinned on. I used that to create a little gather at the center front. It was a ‘happy accident.’

I then used navy blue thread as the top thread while sewing it on.

It was appropriate and awesome to leave the edge of the denim raw, so I did.

Refurbishing fashions is just one way that I fight autism.

Offering pre-owned women’s fashions on ebay is one other way. See my shop, Up Pix Studio, at


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