Recycled Doll Bed

Our little girl just had a birthday. She LOVES playing with baby dolls, and so we thought it would be awesome to get her a doll bed for one of her birthday gifts. The perfect thing for playing dolls and storing all the babies and their bottles.

We chose to pick up an old doll bed from the thrift store for her. It has already been through at least one child, and has thus been proven to be sturdy! It is wood, which means that it can probably be fixed in most cases should she break it.

It did take a little refurbishing work to get the doll bed ready. It had a horrid plastic lining which we promptly removed. We let her choose a little fleece fabric to line it with. (We got the Hello Kitty fabric because she said “Meow” when she saw it!) I made a liner with velcro. It can be removed and cleaned.

A nice fringe benefit to this strategy- the cost was all of about $6. We could have spent a whole lot more money on a new, smaller, plastic doll bed that she would probably break. We are very happy that we did not go that route.

Here is another one of her gifts; this one was rescued by Grandma! Some cleaning and new batteries make a huge difference and it now works perfectly.

I hope that you find our recent toy refurbish inspiring! It is now mid year- if you have little ones to buy for at Christmas time, it would be a good idea to start keeping an eye open. Look for good quality used toys from yard sales, thrift stores, or consignment shops  that are ready to wrap or can be refurbished to put under the Christmas tree. Often it is as simple as removing marks with a Magic Eraser sponge, running a comb through some doll hair, washing a doll dress, or adding rechargeable batteries.

Refurbishing toys is just one way that I fight autism. I have refurbished many toys over the years. Visit the ‘Recycled Gift’ section of my ebay store to see some examples of my current toy refurbish work.


3 responses to “Recycled Doll Bed

  1. All of my “grandma toys” are things I picked up at yard sales. A little sprucing up and I have wonderful collection for when the kids come over! I wish I had considered this when I was raising kids!


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