Baby Sock Monster Tutorial

It’s a girl! The inspiration for this project came from this pile of baby girl socks.

After the sock stash went through 2 girls- my neice and my daughter- there were this many unmatched socks!

Baby Sock Monsters to the rescue! I feel a sock monster parade coming on this Fall, just in time for Halloween.

This tutorial is on specifically how I made this one style of Baby Sock Monster. Use this as an inspiration for your own creative monsters.

  1. Cut a stripy sock in half lengthwise. Using needle and thread, sew straight stitches on raw edges, then a whip stitch for added strength. (I chose to cut and sew on the right side, because of mild soiling. The ‘wrong’ side looked cleaner.)

2. Turn skinny socks right side out. (Or in this case, wrong side out!) Stuff with fiberfill.

3. Stuff a bright pink sock with fiberfill. This will be the monster body.

3. Tie up the top of the bright pink sock with thread. Use whip stitch to sew the skinny socks to the monster body.

4. Grab a dotty purple sock and turn down the top cuff.

5. Slip dotty sock over top of body. Use whip stitch to secure it to head.

6. Fold in the top of the dotty sock, so that it fits the body. Sew discarded buttons on for eyes. Use the thread to also create a little stitched mouth.

This little gal is kid approved in my house! The eyes were secured extra tight for the little one.

Making Baby Sock Monsters is just one way that I fight autism. I also recycle clothing on ebay. Visit me at


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