Refurbish a Small Table

For many household items, I usually always perfer to see what I can find on the secondary market before I even consider running out and buying something new. Facebook marketplace has been a great resource for that and I have been using quite often. Here is a little side table that I picked up from someone locally.

It is nothing fancy, the wood was even unfinished.

Our oldest had a birthday coming up, and it had occurred to us that he had been using an upturned laundry basket as a night stand for several weeks. Part of me applauds that kind of resourcefulness, but we thought a little night stand would make a great birthday surprise for our teen.

The trouble was, the top was sort of marred.

In order to make this a tidy, functional item, I realized that I only really needed to finish the top.

Here is what I did:

1. Using a sander, I sanded down the top of the table.

2. I flipped the table over and used painter’s tape on the edges that I did not want to get paint on.

3. Using high-quality paint, (that was leftover from painting the bathroom,) I gave it one medium coat.

4. I allowed it to dry.

5. I removed the tape.

It’s elementary, really.

The moral of this story is, look at the possibilities before dismissing a refurbish project. Refinishing furniture may sound hard, but sometimes a furniture refurbish can be accomplished in just afew simple steps.

Our boy was pleased with his gift! The contrast between the table legs and top turned out so great!

Check out another birthday refurbish I have done here:

Refubishing furniture is just one way that I fight autism. Finding new homes for preloved fashion is another way. See my ebay store, Up Pix Studio.



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