Hello, my name is Celeste.

I was introduced to autism as a teen when my brother was diagnosed. I became a warrior mother about a decade later when my oldest child was diagnosed. The fight against autism has been an incredible journey that has shaped my life into something I never thought it could be. Many things I do as part of everyday life are a part of that journey and I blog about some of them here.

Upcycling is one thing that I do to fight autism.

Upcycling is an art form. It is different from putting a can in the recycling bin where it can be melted down and cycled again. Upcycling takes advantage of an item’s current characteristics to make it into something better, hence the word “up” in “upcycle.” Upcycling is especially beneficial to the earth for items that cannot be recycled, for locations where recycling facilities do not exist.

Upcycling fabrics holds a special place in my heart. Fabric is not one of those materials that can be thrown into the recycling bin and melted down to make new things. Reusing fabrics is one ‘big bang for your buck’ way of fighting pollution. Cotton is a commonly worn fabric, is one of the smallest crops out there, but uses more chemicals than any other thing grown. Upcycling it helps lessen the toxins in our environment.

Just think of the increased instance of autism spectrum disorders that have been reported in just the last few years. In addition to the wonderful things they bring to this world, the people with autism in our lives are our warning voice in a toxic world. Despite their communication challenges, this message could not be clearer. Let’s listen and care for them and ourselves by caring for our environment.







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